MayTree sings various types of music with MayTree flavor

MAYTREE is organized in the year of 2000 and has been active ever since, beloved from Audiences and Critics as the No.1 acappella group in Korea.

Maytree is a professional mixed a cappella group, and has been active ever since, in all sorts of performance, concerts, TV and Radio shows, commercial music, CD recording and education. Maytree’s own unique color comes from their refined original pieces, delicate arrangements, and the powerful vocal drum and harmony. They have been finding ways to make brand-new beautiful sounds with the human voice.

From the year 2005, Maytree has become known as a group sang in the opening of the world famous a cappella group ‘The Real Group’ Concert in Korea. Maytree is the one and only domestic a cappella group that has had 5 successful concerts in the Seoul Arts Center.


  • 2014  2 Gold Medals of Jazz category and Pop choral category at ‘2014 World Choir Games’in  Latvia
  • 2013  1st prize of pop & Jazz category at ‘2013 Yeosu Choral International Competition’
  • 2011  Gold diplomas of both of jazz and pop categories and Best Audience Award of jazz category at the International A Cappella Competition in Graz(Austria)
  • 2011  1st prize of popular music category at ‘2011 Busan Choral International Competition’
  • 2010  2nd prize at the International A Cappella Competition in Korea in 2010
  • 2009  3rd prize at the International A Cappella Competition in Taiwan in 2009
  • 2009  ‘Best Vocal Percussionist Prize’ at both of the competitions in Korea and Taiwan.
Vocal Drum / High Tenor

S.I. is a powerful vocal percussion and leader of MAYTREE. He was made up his mind to be an acappella singer when he was a middle school student. He garnered No.1 vocal drum awards twice, and he sings as a high tenor when he doesn’t play vocal drumming.

Vocal Bass

Wonjong is one of the best Vocal Bass in Korea. He started music at the age of 20th with his very low and tender voice. He loves to arrange songs, play guitar and chat with fun to the audiences.

Vocal / Tenor

Hoon joined with Maytree lately, after graduated Dong-A broadcast colleage. He has a sweet voice as a men’s lead vocal in Maytree, also has good sense for vocal harmonization. He is good at playing the piano, too.

Vocal / Musical Director

Soo is the oldest member of Maytree with S.I. She makes direction of all Maytree’s music and arranges almost songs. She is very good at jazz and making details of songs. Also she is one of the best acappella arranger in Asia, so she is requested lecture from all over the Asia.

Vocal / Soprano

Before joined Maytree, she has sung in an acappella group Zenith, also garnered award from Europe acappella competition. She is acclaimed from world famous acappella musicians as a correct-pitched voice.

Overseas Concerts

Trough the several concerts over the world, Maytree is also known as the best contemporary asian cappella group.

•2015 Special Concert at Changzou Phenix Valley Theatre in China
•2015 Performances for Shanghai International Spring Music Festival in China
•2015 Collaboration Concert with Metro vocal group in Taipei, Kaohsiung,Taiwan
•2014 Promotion Tour in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
•2014 Private Concert for the VIPs from  ‘the Naked Grouse Whisky’ in HongKong
•2013 Performances for Korean Festa and Asia Society concerts in HongKong(September)
•2013 Concert Tour from HKHYG in 6 areas, HongKong(March)
•2012 Concerts and Work shops in Singapore
•2011 Concert Tour in Acappella Festival in Kanazawa city, Japan
•2011 Solo Concert Tour in 6 cities, Taiwan
•2011 Concert in HongKong, Skylark live house
•2009 Performances for Singapore International Acappella Festival
•2009 Concert Tour for Taiwan International Acappella Festival

Known to the public through numerous CM songs, many concerts and others, Maytree will carry on making a variety of refreshing new music.

Domestic concerts & Gigs

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